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    Acrylic Elastomer WA2030

    Typical properties:

    1. Excellent oil and heat resistance
    2. Low compression set
    3. Excellent curing properties
    Physical Form Off-white to light yellow
    S.G. g/cm3 1.10
    Mooney Viscosity ML 1+10 @ 100℃ 35
    Volatile Matter % ≤0.5%
    Tg -22

    Vulcanizate properties:

    Compound formula PHR  
    WA2030 100
    Process aids: Stearic acid 1.0
    Process aids: WB222 2
    Anti ageing agent: 445 2.0
    FEB black: N550 60
    HAF black: N330 -
    CTP 0.5
    Accelerator: Sulfur 0.3
    Curative: Sodium Stearate 3
    Curative: Potassium Stearate 0.3
    Rheological Properties  
    Mooney scorch at 125℃ t5 min 6.2
    MDR data 180℃@15min Arc 0.5  
    ML, lb-in 1.347
    MH, lb-in 9.146
    ts2, min 1.27
    T10, min 0.52
    T50, min 2.59
    T90, min 8.22

    Physical properties Press cured:180℃ @ 10min, post cured: 180 ℃ @ 4hour
    Hardness, Shore A 69
    Tensile strength, Mpa 12.4
    Elongation at break, % 225
    Compression set, % 150℃@70h 36
    Heat resistance properties 175℃@70h in air
    Tb change, %  +3
    Eb change, % -11
    Hs change, Point +4
    Fluid Resistance 150℃@70h in ASTM No.1 oil
    Tb change, % -10
    Eb change, % +2
    Hs change, Point  +1
    Volume Swell, % -2


    It is a low to middle viscosity mooney chlorine type acrylic elastomer, it was designed for low compression and excellent heat resistance and oil resistance product. PA1020 universally used for hose and gasket.

    Packing information:

    WA2030 is packaged in paper bag. The weight is 25kg net per bag.

    Safety and handling:

    1. Store in well ventilated place.
    2. Avoid eye contact.
    3. Keep adequate ventilation during mixing or processing.
    4. Wash thoroughly any contacted skin and clothing after handling.
    5. Further safety and handing guide, can follow the products Material Safety Data Sheet.

    Important Notice:

    The information in this publication is based on the test performed at our manufacturer and its cooperating company facilities that we believe are reliable, your results may vary due to differences in test types and conditions.